Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, July 29, 2013

I head back

This Saturday I head back.

Head back to 65 beautiful children.

Head back to lots of hugs.

Head back to mountains.

Head back to speaking Spanish.

Head back to kisses.

Head back to tiny smiles.

Head back to hearing "Tia Lily".

Head back to rice and potatoes and more bolivian food.

And on Sunday I will be back.

Been an amazing few months in the States back home with family and friends.
Worshiping at church has been such an encouragement every Sunday. As well
as being amazed as I continue seeing God open door after door.

I am so excited for another opportunity to continue loving these precious children.
Thank you for your support and also for your prayers. I cannot do this alone
and it has been amazing to see God at work. These precious children wiggle deep
down into hearts.

I will have more updates before I leave Saturday morning.

Please be praying for safe travels, that my visa process will go quickly and smoothly
and for more open doors to share God's love with the kids.

Love to you all!
~Lily Fluharty

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