Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, June 28, 2014


“Tia Lily... she’s my mommy.” I’ve heard her say it multiple times. Does she know her own mother exchanged her for two bottles of alcohol?
“Mommy!!!” she calls me all day every day. She’s only been away from her own mommy for two weeks. She loves her “wawa” the stuffed animal doll that was the last gift her birth mom gave her even though her health and well being never even crossed her mother’s mind.
A small raggedy pajama tshirt that her aunt had given her. “Mommy” she would always say as she put it on. A small connection to the young mother she is already forgetting.
How easily are these women judged. How could she? We think. We forget so easily the results of prostitution. How many abortions do these young girls and women go through? And what happens to the little ones who do get the chance to live? Are they left in some dark corner while “mommy” has to go to work again? 
How sad it is to see a lack of love. Young teenagers having to finish growing up in a matter of minutes as they realize that they are pregnant. Pressure from their lovers and friends to go out dancing and drinking every night so you leave the baby somewhere for a night... or two... or three... Sometimes it’s easier to forget about the problem than deal with it... right?
Constant fear and running from an abusive home. Not even a teenager and now a mother. More abuse and not only fearing for yourself but this baby growing inside of you. You’ve only just started puberty and you have to deal with this? A death certificate that only whispers the truth... suicide by venom and also physical abuse. Will my little baby remember me?
My heart breaks for these young mothers. For their babies. Their babies now calling me mama. I look down on their little ones sleeping tonight and pull the blanket up under their chin. Kiss tiny cheeks, pray a silent prayer of protection. God has taken them out of dark situations and I pray that by God’s grace they can change their stories. From rejection to a college education. From neglected to a steady job. From orphaned to a mama with children. These are the dreams I have for my three little girls. This is the prayer I pray for them each night. That God would keep them. 
They aren’t mine. I can’t change their past. I can love them now though. I can show them God’s love for them. Because His love for them makes mine invisible. 
These aren’t just sweet faces. They’ve been through too much already. But God is at work. He hasn’t forgotten them. 

Please don’t forget these little ones. They are far too precious to be ignored. Please pray. Please share! 
With much love from Bolivia,
Lily Fluharty

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