Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, June 29, 2014

New faces

Time has been flying lately. Or is that what usually happens here? How has it been eleven months already!?
With Belen and Juan Gabriel
Jessa, Ellie and my sister Maddy just left last week which was hard because it was such an amazing time that we shared together. Love those girls! We made some awesome memories! Eating the m&ms that Maddy left me... THANKS MADDY!
This year we have welcomed 5 new children into our family here at CDE.
Little Sabina is now getting so big and is such a happy and smiley baby!
Grace Abigail (Elizabeth’s baby sister) is growing almost as much as her hair is. We think she looks like one of the baby monkeys from Tarzan ;)
Grace Abigail
Two brothers, Elvis and Alex, ages 13 and 9 came a few months ago and are transitioning well into living with this new giant family. Such sweet boys!
And the newest little one joined me in my home. Little Mari Ros is so precious and has the sweetest giggle. She calls everyone “Mommy” which breaks my heart because her own very young mommy didn’t care about her, whether she ate or not, where she slept and Mari Ros was left abandoned many times in her short two years. She has been adjusting very well and it is so sweet watching her play with July and Peniel. 
Mari Ros
Winter break started this week and we are Lord willing heading out to go camping all next week with all the kids except for the babies. It should be a blast! Were praying for NO rain!!! Sleeping in tents with my little ones should be an adventure! But I’m all ready for it! Can’t wait!!! 
Can’t believe how much I love these babies. Every day they teach me more and more about how to be a better “Tia” and “mommy”. How many times do I just sit watching them amazed at how much they’ve grown in these two and a half years. God is doing amazing things! 

Me with my kids
Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support. Every “like” and comment on Facebook really encourages me and all the messages and emails blow me away. Thank you all for continuing to follow this little old blog and my facebook messages. I know that they aren’t very regular but life can be crazy with 9 under 7 and a teenager too. Plus add in another 60 kids that run around your house all day. Joyous noise! Laughter here is contagious! 
Much love from Bolivia!!!

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Thomas Fluharty said...

Lils, AMAZING. LOVE your posts. They show me how Awesome God is. Thanks for sharing your life my precious. All my Love ~Papa