Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Filled to overflowing

Beautiful eyes! Love my July!
My heart has been filled time and time again this week with God’s unfailing love. 
The newest little guy, Ariel, just moved into my house this past week. He was having a really difficult time in the other house and would end up crying almost all the time. We were a little nervous about him moving in. He’s 1 and just started walking and with 9 other little ones in the house it would be more work. As he moved in, I just started praying that God would bless little Ariel. I have been blown away by God’s answer to that prayer. Ariel has been adjusting so well to our home and to living with the other little ones. He is precious. He’s an eater and LOVES to giggle as I hand him anything to eat. There’s rough moments but it has been a joy to see him adjust quickly and enjoy our home. 
Roy with little Lily 
I watched in awe as one of my little kindergartners who has a problem with stuttering, read me a book perfectly without stuttering once. I just watched him concentrate and felt like my heart would explode.
I watched amazed as Lolina stood up and walked around all by herself. She wobbles and her steps are more like a baby’s first steps but it is amazing to watch. She was never supposed to walk on her own.
It’s moments like these where my heart slows down and I am amazed at God’s love for each of His children. In the craziness, getting things done, bathing 9 little munchkins, changing diapers.... sometimes I forget. But I really don’t want to forget because there is so much beauty in each moment we are given. 
Say cheese Emanuel!
Time flies. The kids are getting sooooo big. Peniel and July are having growth spurts and are so adorable as they talk and grow up. Emanuel is learning more and more words and LOVES being tickled. His laugh is infectious. My three kindergartners, Ismael, Javier and Juanes are READING!!! It blows me away! The twins were two years old when I arrived... Sabina is getting so big and is sitting up by herself without losing her balance :) and is ALL smiles. Mari Ros is as giggly as ever and loves giving HUGS to anyone around. Usually her hugs are pretty rough and the littler ones end up with tears in their eyes as Mari Ros hugs them as HARD as she can. Watching Ariel adjust and seeing him turn into such a loving little boy. He loves to give and receive kisses especially when there is food involved. :) 
BIG SMILES with Jacob and David
Love love love what God is doing. Amazed at His unending love and grace for me. I fall short but His love is stronger than my weakness. So excited to see Him face to face one day! Some of the sunrises here make me sooooo excited for the beauty of Heaven. I have never seen so much pink in the sky as I have here in Bolivia! It’s amazing.
Thank you all for your love, prayers and support. So excited to see God continue to work in the lives of these kiddos and in my own life! To God be the glory!!! Much love!
 In Christ who loves us more deeply than we can imagine,
Lily Fluharty


Thomas Fluharty said...

Thanks Lils for always showing me Jesus in your posts. Love you SO much!~P

Rachel said...

Love this!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your love! Praying for you and the kids!

ruth said...

What a joy it is to see God working in and through you. Thank you for sharing and we will keep praying for you all.