Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, October 20, 2014

They are His!

One of my little ones was sick this week with a bad cold. It hurt me to see her not feeling well. I ended up wrapping her up in my arms and we prayed together and she just lay there with her head against my chest listening to me pray. A huge feeling of protectiveness swelled up inside of me. I hurt when they hurt. No, they aren’t MINE. I’m not their mama. But I do love them like crazy with a fierce love. They are God’s and He has blessed me with this special time with them. These precious babies who have already suffered so much pain in the first few years and months of their lives. They’re tiny, vulnerable, looking for love. 
My chubbiest munchkin wraps her arms around my neck multiple times a day and squeezes as HARD as she can just so I will hug her back. All she wants is to feel loved. It breaks my heart to see her searching, searching after being abandoned and unwanted. Even though she is now loved and cherished, she is still fearful that one day the love will stop and she’ll be left alone again.
I can’t fix their colds, their tummy aches, or their hurting hearts. I can’t heal the scars they carry that some of them don’t even realize they have. I can’t fix the desire they will have for a mommy of their own. All I can do is continually give them back to God and love them as hard as I can. I can tell them of God’s love for them and show them my own love. They are not forgotten. They are not unwanted. They are not unloved. They are BEAUTIFUL. CHERISHED. PRECIOUS. And God loves them because they are His!
 Much love,
Lily Fluharty

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Thomas Fluharty said...

YOU ARE AWESOME. and I'm blessed reading this Lils. All my love~ Papa.