Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, October 18, 2014

YAY! Update!

Beautiful, sunny day filled with a bunch of the teenagers from Casa de Esperanza, bridge jumping into the clear water, good food and lots of laughter. I'll post pics later but what a fun way to spend a Saturday. 

I love love love spending time with the older kids! They are hilarious and even though there is sometimes drama (how could there not be with 20+ teens haha), they ALWAYS make me smile. 

Add bridge jumping to my new skills! So much fun! :) 

Sorry for the lack of updates lately… I just spent two weeks without taking a day off because of elections in Bolivia and last Sunday I ended up in the kitchen cooking lunch for everyone… HOORAY!!! This Gringa didn't burn ANYTHING this time!! I'm a very distracted cook! 

The past two weeks have been tiring but such a blessing to spend so much time with my babies. They are learning and growing so quickly and I feel like I blink and their taller, or have another tooth, or lost another tooth, or learning new words, or crawling and sometimes I want to freeze time and keep them babies. 

Our newest little guy, Ariel, is doing AMAZING!!! He used to cry and scream ALL the time but is such a goofy, mellow guy in my house and really is sweet with the other little kiddos. 
Sabina has her two teeth coming in on top but not her front teeth so she looks like a little vampire. So adorable! 
Emanuel is talking up a storm and whenever he asks a question his voice goes up like 3 octaves! :) 
Mari Ros is a little bit jealous that she is one of the "big girls" and sometimes tries to put on a diaper and crawl around to get attention which means lots of extra hugs and snuggles for her. 
Peniel and July are getting so big and are hilarious to have conversations with! They are always playing dolls and have their babies in aguayos on their backs like the local Bolivian women. 
Javier, Juanes and Ismael are ALL reading and are soooo excited about it! Love these 3 and how goofy and helpful they are. Always making me laugh and helping out with the little ones.

So amazed by God's love and grace to me. Continually learning more about HIS faithfulness and so blessed to be able to rest in His arms.

At the end of November I'll be heading home for several weeks which I'm looking forward to! It's been over a year since I've seen my family and so excited to spend time with them before coming back to love on my kids some more… Excited to see God continue to work!

So that's my quick update… I'll try to post more regularly when I find time… :)

Lots of love! Thank you all SOOOO much for all your prayers, support, encouragement and love. Every comment and like on Facebook, the comments here on my blog, the emails and notes mean sooooo much to me. So encouraged by you all and thanks for loving on the babies here at Casa! They are unbelievably precious!

HUGS and HEAT from Bolivia!!!
Lily Fluharty

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