Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, November 24, 2014


It's honestly very hard to process the fact that I'm home. It feels like life paused, I showed up on my doorstep and now I'm waiting for it to go back to normal. How do I process 16 months away from the States? The only thing I keep turning to is how faithful God is and has been these last 16 months. It has been an amazing adventure and I am grateful that God directs my steps.

Here are a few of the highlights…

*Watching July transform from a scared, hurting little baby to a laughing, happy little girl. Love wins.

*Lolina learning to eat by herself, then walk!

*Eating Capybara

*Waterfalls with my gringo group and bridge jumping with the teenagers

*Loving on 70 beautiful children

*Milking a cow!!!

*The teams from Sovereign Grace

*My mama and my sissie coming down to visit me!

*Beautiful sunrises and sunsets

*Pizza on Sundays with the teenagers

*Seeing God's faithfulness time and again

*Bacteria in my stomach and the exciting hospital trip to Caranavi… well not so much a highlight but it was an adventure…

*Fighting a fire!

*Devotions at night with my babies

*Carrying a sheep through the mountains of La Paz

*Learning, growing, laughing, trusting, working, LOVING

I want to thank all of you for all the support, prayers and love!!! God has been soooo amazing and I am so excited to see Him continue to work in and through me and the ministry at Casa de Esperanza. All the glory to Him!!!!!!!

What can you do??? We are looking for sponsors for the children! For $25 a month, you can sponsor one of these BEAUTIFUL kids and make a lasting impact on their' hearts. Please consider!!! For more information or to be connected to your' sponsored child, please email me at 

Much love,
~Lily Fluharty

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