Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Home for the Holidays!

Excited to announce that I will be heading back to Minnesota in exactly 3 weeks for the Holidays!!!

I haven't been home for almost a year and a half and I am looking forward to spending time with my family and friends, worshipping again at my church, the fooooooood, christmas cookies… the list goes on… it's been a while…

Even though I'm so excited to go home… sometimes it can be a hard transition…

I am leaving behind a busy schedule and a house full of kids that fill my heart. There are other tias who love them and they will be SUPER well cared for but it's still hard knowing I won't be there with them.

It's hard going from working 24/7 to not having anything to do in the States. Sure it feels GREAT and is a good time to rest and recharge but it is weird going from having 10 kiddos totally dependent on my every move to having almost zero responsibility.

Change happens over time. I go home and babies are now toddlers and toddlers are now in kindergarten and first grade and middle schoolers are now high schoolers and friends are finishing college or dating or married or have kids… What!? Haha! I've changed too I guess… I now raise 10 kiddos, speak another language and live on my own… sometimes it's easy to expect everything to be like I left it but change is a good thing just weird to wrap my brain around sometimes…

Culture shock is the weirdest part of going home. I always thought I would get it coming TO Bolivia not back to the States but it hits me pretty hard every time. Hooray for emotional randomness! Waking up in the morning and forgetting English is definitely an interesting way to start the day!

Haha! These are just a few thoughts about going home… It's crazy because in my heart I have two homes. One where I grew up and lived for 18 years with a WONDERFUL family and great food haha! The other has grown so quickly in my heart these past 3 years… lots of kiddos, smiles and every once in a while a Snickers bar!

Excited for the time coming up in the States. Get ready for looooots of pictures and videos since I will FINALLY have good internet!!! YAY!

God is sooo good and FAITHFUL and each new day and new adventure is an opportunity to see more of HIS love and goodness and die a little more to ourselves. My prayer is that He becomes greater and i become less. Excited to see Him work during my time home.

Blessings from Bolivia!
~Lily Fluharty

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Thomas Fluharty said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AND YUSSSSSSSSSSS I'm excited to see you soon. Love you Lils!~P