Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Been wanting to post all day…

mostly because it's 12/13/14 and I love days that make sense… :)

I'll have a longer post coming tomorrow! I'm very excited
to share a little bit of my heart and what God has been doing in
the past few years in front of my church tomorrow. So blessed
by my church family.

I am missing all the kids like crazy and the SUNSHINE! Why
is Minnesota so cold?

But also it feels amazing to rest and recharge and sleep in. I was
talking to one of the boys from CDE the other day on Facebook
and when I told him about sleeping in he told me in English…
"You stink"
and when I told him about delicious Christmas cookies he said…
"very stink!"
Oh you gotta love good English! :)

Excited to see God to continue to work and display His love.

Much love and Lord willing a new post tomorrow!!!


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