Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A miracle named socks

Plastic tub full of socks and a suitcase plus 20 packs of new white socks. 50 kids. 5 pairs each. Ready set go. Tio Fidel told us (the Tias) that there probably wouldn't be enough but we would do as best as we could and if they weren't enough then we'll make do.

Each Tia walked away with the right amount. 5 pairs for each kid! That's a TON of socks. 250 pairs. As I helped put all the left over socks in the tub we were amazed that there wasn't enough room. Tio Fidel came over to see. "Wait... what else did you put in the tub?" He asked us. "Just the socks Tio!" We stared with our mouths open. There were more socks at the end then what we started with. The suitcase was full and the plastic tub overflowing. The 250 socks that we took could have filled half of another plastic tub. We just stared smiling and laughing. That God is faithful and doesn't forget about His little ones. Even in something so small as socks. "It's a miracle" goes Tio Fidel. And it is. A miracle named socks. That what started as a not quite full plastic tub turned into an overflowing one and brand new socks on the kiddos feet.

I'm amazed.