Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, March 10, 2013

medics, bandanas, pizza

Very awesome few days with a small medic team from Illinois.
Very blessed by all the work they got done. Got all the kids height and weight and checked teeth. Also checked out a bad spider bite on one of the boys and were able to get him treated right away. And finally were able to do a small operation on one of the little girls who had something wrong with her tongue.

They gave all the kids suckers and a bunch of the younger kids got bandanas as their prizes for getting their teeth checked. So now there's a small gang of young children running around with bandanas. :) New style here in CDE
 Lots of translating this week! Took them to the waterfalls and had a blast and then got super blessed by them bringing me fresh baked PIZZA late last night. What a huge blessing! Thank you guys!

Still no name for baby boy... there's a few possibilities so I will let you all know when he's officially named! :)
~Lots of love! Lily

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