Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some of my crazy stuff

Learned tons these last 7 months and the 3 months before that. Crazy that I have been in Bolivia a total of 10 months! Time has flown!!! Done some pretty crazy stuff in that time...

- Climbed waterfalls (some big ones too!)
-Passed out in LaPaz and right after getting blood drawn
-Raising 8 kids
-Helped out on a small surgery
-Dreamed in Spanish
-Walked through mountains
-Eaten snake, ants and worms (and enjoyed them all except the worms)
-Learned how very much in need I am of my Savior each day
-That my Jesus will NEVER leave me!!!

With Elisabet! The medical team was able to help fix her tongue!
Peniel is pretty cool :)

haha! love this shot! Miguel, peniel and Samuel

Being super blessed by the medic team making us pizza late one night! LOVED it! And the kids did too!
Super excited to go to Jessa's graduation from CEC on saturday! So proud of her! 
Little baby boy is continuing to do great! Eating and sleeping really well and getting bigger! Still no name but I will post it as soon as they find one. Rainy rainy day! Continue to pray that God would bring in more children! God bless!
Lots of love!

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