Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I changed her name

Her name was Esmerelda Estefani. I love her mom, Tia Nely and have been so encouraged as our friendship has deepened over the last few months.

"Lily," she told me late one night, "I am changing her name."
I looked at her surprised. "Her name isn't going to be Esmerelda? What are you going to name her?" Tia Nelly smiled at me. "I'm naming her Lily. I'm naming her after you."

That night humbled me and blessed me in such a big way. That Tia Nely would name her beautiful baby girl after me. And when I asked her why she said because of my friendship. Such a huge gift and it blew me away. That God is using my life and the little I do here to bless others. And it amazes me. At  HIS goodness and love for me.

So officially named... Lily Estefani. Beautiful baby. With a beautiful mother who is one of my very dear friends here.

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bronteelizabeth said...

oh man. that's so awesome!