Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, January 3, 2014

Little Adventures

Snapshots of my week...

This week I washed 15 towels and 8 huge wool blankets by hand (and feet) as we scrubbed and stomped all the dirt out of them. Wish I could have had a camera as I stomped on blankets while sucking on a mango.

This week has been wet and rainy and colder. This evening the sun finally came out and it got a bit warmer but was such a beautiful afternoon. Made me laugh to find out that the "cool weather" was actually 80 degrees and 66% humidity. Definitely don't miss Minnesota winters.

I walked out of the girl's room after putting Peniel down for bed and she called after me, "Tia Lily, beso" (kiss) and gave me such a sweet kiss on my cheek before she told me in English, "I love you so so much" or as she says it "Ilalu chochomoch".

One of the 16 year old boys brought me two tiny baby birds (super new) and convinced me to help him take care of them. It was a week of craziness of feeding them and this morning they died... I'm surprised they lived even a week. This morning we just stared at each other kind of not sure what to do before he goes, "so now what do we do?" before he chucked them into the tall grass... Bolivian bird funeral.

Oh the little adventures :)

Much love from Bolivia,

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Thomas Fluharty said...

Brilliant Lils, Love your adventures. Worshipping God with each of your posts. Loveu~P