Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, January 10, 2014

We do

They played hard. 9 crazy little ones jumping, playing and splashing in the pool. We had a blast! July, who before was scared to get in the water, now jumped into my arms over and over again with her adorable giggle that makes my heart soar every time I hear it. 

How precious are these little ones.

All the boys fell asleep at the table during dinner. One by one their heads dropped by empty plates. After dinner I carried them one by one to their beds and kissed their fuzzy little heads. 

I love these little guys so much.

There are really hard moments in raising so many little ones. So many times I come to the end of myself and find myself crying out to God for more patience with the screamer, for more wisdom with the stubborn one, for more grace to laugh when soup spills all over the floor, for more strength when I could just fall asleep standing up.

How faithful is my God. 

Peniel running to wrap her arms around my leg and smiling up at me, Ely yelling “Tia DIDY!!!” and her millions of hugs and kisses each day, Andres telling me how DELICIOUS breakfast is each morning, Javier wrapping his arms around my neck from behind in a gentle hug, Febe being a big helper, July’s giggle and her being my little shadow, rocking David in my arms as he whispers to me what scares him, Ismael giving me 10 kisses during lunch as he counts them out on his fingers, Juanes being his goofy self... makes all the craziness worth it. 

Sometimes there is screaming and fighting and tears and pouting. 

But more than that there are hugs and LAUGHTER and giggles and lots of learning and helping and growing and lots and lots of love.

There is a quote that I’ve seen floating around that makes me smile...

In this house...
we do REAL
we do mistakes
we do I’m sorry
we do fun
we do hugs
we do second chances
we do HAPPY 
we do forgiveness
we do family
we do LOVE  

Love all the love here. So blessed by what God is doing and His faithfulness each new day.

Thank you for ALL your prayers and comments and for reading these jumbled up thoughts.

Much love and lots of hugs from Bolivia and all the kiddies,

Lily Fluharty


Abby Hoisington said...

Miss Lily, I am speechless at the grace that is so clearly evident in your daily life with these little ones. Please know that despite the distance and lack of communication, Caleb and I often still dream of Bolivia and all those sweet kids that you are caring for. What a wonderful gift you are to them! Please continue posting, I re-read them often. Our hearts are with you! What are you plans for the next year or two? I'd love to know! lots of prayers for you brave one, and each of those little beautiful Bolivian faces.

Kristi F. said...

Love this, Lily. Love your heart, filled with God's grace and love. So blessed to call you my daughter, sister in Christ and friend. Mama

Thomas Fluharty said...

Lils, YOu bless me. YOu are truly Seeing Him who is unseen but clearly seen. Love u~P