Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, August 17, 2012

Blood and sugar :)

The first part of my visa process is IN!!! Yay! Now I have a couple weeks to wait for the background check to go through and all that good stuff. But so excited that the first half is done!

 Part of the process was going to the Bolivian hospital to get blood drawn and a check up and I am definitely grateful for American doctors now. It was definitely a 4 hours to remember. I ended up passing out in line before anything had happened due to 3 hours of sleep and not being able to eat breakfast which instantly made me the most popular person in the clinic. Yes. I know your talking about me when your staring straight at me and pointing. About 5 minutes after I passed out, they proceeded to draw my blood. And then to give me some energy they put a spoonful of sugar in my mouth. Forever in my memory! Haha!

Heading to see the kids hopefully later today or by the latest tomorrow morning. I'm hoping hoping hoping for today! I can't wait to see them!!!!!
Please pray for safe travels for me as I head to Caranavi and that my visa process would continue to go smoothly. Thank you Jesus for amazing lawyers!!! God is good!


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