Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beautifully loved

Sweet Jacob!

Crazy how fast I fell in love with these kids. Their smiles, laughter, hugs, "HERMANA Lily"s, big brown eyes.

Juanes! This pic makes me laugh with his cheesy grin!
They are filled with joy and that joy is contagious.

Peniel. Photo credit to Travis Saxer

Their beautiful and loved by their Savior who made each one in His image.

Izrael (photo credit to Travis Saxer)

They are strong. They've been through tons and have seen more hurt and pain than I can imagine but still they love. they smile, they laugh.

Gentle Ariel (photo by Travis Saxer)

They are kids. Kids trying to figure out life without mommies and daddies. Little kids who have to grow up so fast and help raise themselves and sometimes each other. They learn to be strong because they have to. They never have a mommy to hug them or a daddy to teach them. They have Tia's and Tio's who are amazing but sadly come in and out of their lives over the years.

Juanes :) (photo credit to Anna)

  They see so much and have gone through so much but God knows. He loves them and is for them. They are HIS. They are in HIS hands. And sometimes I don't understand. And I ask why a sweet baby should be abandoned but then I am reminded again and again that I too was once an orphan and God took me in and loved me just as He loves these beautiful children. And I know that these kids are in God's hands. He is holding them and everything in their lives is for His glory and All things will work together for good. And I am filled with joy.


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