Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, July 27, 2012

We keep waiting

Some of my favorite pics from the trip. Sweet Ismael
It's hard waiting. Hoping to get back as soon as possible but not being able too. Waiting on legal papers. But I feel like I grow way more and have to depend on God more in these times of waiting then anywhere else. And by His grace I will wait and grow until I can head back to the kids and the hugs and the mountains!
This little guy found his way really deep into my heart

Really missing Bolivia right now!

Kia rides down into town with tons of kids crammed into the back laughing and singing.
Kia rides up to the orphanage late at night after church with 10 million stars shining so close and staring up and just being amazed at God's glory.
Devotions way up on top of a mountain being surrounded by immense beauty and glory.
The kids. Oh boy... I miss them tons.

Please be praying that everything would come in this week and that I can trust God with His timing! He is good and is faithful as I have seen time and time again.


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