Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, July 16, 2012

This love that spills over

Sometimes it hits me that I'm going to be leaving for close to a year. a YEAR!!! With a suitcase, a backpack and a carryon. For one year. I will be in a foreign country away from my family, my friends, my church family, my puppy. I will be traveling alone, getting into more complicated legal stuff as I apply for a year long visa and be surrounded by Spanish. And basically no English.


But I can't wait. I am excited to be dependent on God through this next year. To cry out to Him as loneliness sets in, as I struggle to love the unloveable, as I eat the same meals month after month and as I am covered in dirt and sweat. I am so excited to cry out to Him and know beyond know that He hears me. That I won't be alone there. That wherever I am, be it home in Minnesota with my family or home in Caranavi with 87 beautiful children, that I am a sojourner, a traveler... waiting to go HOME. To my real home and see my beautiful Savior. but I know that here on this earth that no matter where i am, I am cradled in the loving hands of Jesus. And He will never let me go.


I am excited to get back and hold little hands and be reminded that Jesus is holding mine. I am excited to continue learning Spanish and be able to pray together with the kids and Tias. I am excited to worship at the top of my lungs with the kids at church. I am excited to show the kids love through hugs, kisses, listening and encouraging, helping with chores and homework, playing, running, laughing, dancing, de-lousing, eating, playing and learning together.

I see myself in these kids. And I see so much of God's love through these kids. I see my sin, my lack of patience and faith but I see time and time again God's grace and His love. That without Him I can do nothing. But He sees fit to use me to love these beautiful children. He lifts me up time and time again and gives me strength to love. He gives me His love to love with. And He never leaves me. He overwhelms me with Him and His goodness and a love that spills over into 87 giggling smiles and big beautiful eyes that stare up at me and call me "Hermana Lily".

And I fall in love. Over and over and over and over. 87 times over.


*photo credit to Travis Saxer

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bronteelizabeth said...

Wow. Beautiful post Lily!