Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am my Father's

Saw this on another blog and had to share. 
Worth the read.

Let His Children Go
Kathy Bryant
We have somehow accepted the mistaken idea that our children belong to us and that we may at all times be their protection and security. In truth, my children are not mine; they belong to God and always have. He allows me to keep them near me during training when they're young, but the older they get, the closer they must move to complete independence of me and complete dependence upon God. I can't assume my children will be safer within my sight and my reach than they are on the other side of the world where they are still within God's sight and His reach. I can't guarantee their safety even if they're sitting in my living room! God can guarantee their safety wherever they are-- nothing can get to them that does not go through Him first. My protection of them is limited by my humanity; the security of God's everlasting arms is completely without breach by any enemy. God gave me the precious gift of having my children near me for many years; why would I selfishly tighten my hold now on what is not mine and try to keep them for myself? God has a place for each of them, a sphere of influence, a multitude of people whose lives will be touched as these shining lights go out into a dark world. I will not cry and cling nor in any way hinder or douse their desire to go into the world to serve God. They must be set absolutely free-- not to follow their hearts, but to follow His heart for them and the people of the world.

What if they're called to live in another city, another state, another country, or another continent?! Any sacrifice of the pleasure of having them near will result in waves of blessings in the lives they touch and the eternal rewards that can never be taken away.

The tragedy is not that they are leaving home for a faraway place-- the tragedy would be if they stayed and missed the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.


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