Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

His whispers shape my heart

Sweet Ismael
I could cry right now as I am reminded once again that God has my life in His hands.
No it's not crying because I am sad.
It is knowing that I sit at Jesus' beautiful feet and He knows what is best for me. And it makes me cry. Because I don't have to worry.

This whole crazy process called "Lily goes to Bolivia" has been crazy. Like insane. I never thought I would end up in Bolivia. But God brought me there and after a week there I fell in love. And now I'm home and in the middle of crazy paperwork trails and emails in Spanish back and forth with a lawyer in Bolivia for visa stuff and lots and lots of double checks at GOOGLE TRANSLATE (greatest invention of all time) and I am amazed again and again that all I need to do is trust God.

I fail at this so many times. I stress out over timing and how I'll get my huge list done before I go and God whispers and gently shapes my heart and continues to point me back to Him.

Put me first. He tells me. And I have to continue to give my hopes and dreams and desires to God. My love for orphans. My love for my family. My love for American food (yup... it's a love). And I give it all back to God because He is who I seek to love. My love for these other things should look like hate compared to my love for my Savior. Luke 14:26

Trust Me. He whispers. And I have to pray and tell God I don't know how I will get these extra new documents and all these papers legalized and translated but by His grace I will. I let go and trust. And then I get an email a half hour later saying that I actually don't need those extra documents... just the original stuff I knew about. And I just want to cry because God know. And He wants me to trust Him again and again.
With Tia Casilda and her daughter Cielo

I love you. You are mine. Do not fear. I have never left you and I will not leave you as an orphan. You are made in my image. I am your Father and you are MINE.

And this makes me weep. It makes me bow down at the feet of my Father and rejoice and praise and love. And this is what makes me go back to Bolivia. This love that God has for me leads me back to love those kids. It's not me. It's about Jesus.



Emily Netz said...

I didn't know you had a blog, Lily! This post was a great reminder to give things God...daily...moment by moment! Thank you for sharing your heart!

Lily Fluharty said...

Thanks Emily! Thanks for reading! Trying to raise awareness for these beautiful orphans!