Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lizbet, Carlos and Sampy

Still one of my favorite pics! Love these kids!
Meet some of my friends.

Lizbet is 5 years old. She has an infectious giggle and she loves hugs and being carried and tickled and loved. She has 4 older siblings living at Casa de Esperanza, the three older ones just moved from another orphanage. This sweet little girl has been through so much. Being rescued from a very abusive home, to being split up from her older siblings to finally now being reunited. 

Surrounded by little brothers!
Carlos is 13 and has swagger. He is a typical 13 year old who likes to be as mischievous as he can. With the 3 other 13 year old boys living in his house, Carlos is the ring leader of them all. He loved learning English and his favorite words were "slow, cheater, liar, and lazy". 

Such a fun night!
Samuel (or Sampy) is 9 years old and beyond mature for his age. He loves helping out with the younger kids in his house and was always speaking in his soft raspy voice to baby Peniel. I always saw him helping out his Tia and just being a sweetie all day every day.

Hanging out with Ruddy, Cielo and Carlos
These kids are amazing. They definitely have their moments where they struggle and sometimes drive me nuts but for what they have gone through they are so resilient and happy. It was a crazy 3 months with them and I can't wait for 9+ more!


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