Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, July 9, 2012

Whoops! My head exploded!

My brain is full of craziness and all the chaos and information and numbers and dates and details. Getting this visa and birth certificate stuff to go back to Bolivia is CRAZY!!! All the details of planning when I don't even have an exact date yet is nuts. There are days where I'm just super overwhelmed. Where I just miss the kids like crazy. There's a lot of days like that.

First day in Bolivia was a water balloon fight with the boys.
Riding up to the orphanage with ammo in our hands! 
And then there are moments in those days where God answers prayers and provides an answer to a question, or one of the older kids from the orphanage pops up on Facebook chat and I am so encouraged. And I remember that all these details, and phone calls, and numbers, and headaches are all for one purpose. To follow God wherever He leads. And I am so excited to get back to Bolivia to continue loving on these kids and to continue displaying God's love to them.

Miss these kids like CRAZY!!!
JuanGa, Keyla, Caleb, Lizbet and Andres
Please be praying that all my birth certificate and visa stuff would go through right away with no issues. I would love to get back to Bolivia in August. I need grace to trust God with HIS timing. And when I get back to Bolivia, I need prayers that my one year visa would go through quickly and easily and for strength to get all the legal stuff needed. It's crazy and I don't even understand all of it but God is good and He is bigger than a visa. Bigger than me. Bigger than my fear.

So blessed and encouraged that God has my life in His hands and that He reminds me over and over to trust Him with my life!

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